Posted by: Hallie | February 15, 2009

Accomplishments on the Road and in the Kitchen

This afternoon, I went for a 4-mile run and I timed the first 5k as part of the Freakishly Flexible 5k that some running bloggers are doing. I went without the puppy, and although she did her doggie best to make me feel like a bad mommy, I’m glad I did because I learned I am a faster runner when I don’t have to stop because she wants to sniff around, or maneuver her away from other dogs, ducks, bikers, etc. Although I’ll still take her out with me 9.9 times out of 10; she’s just that cute!

I’ve only done one 5k for time before, and my time then was 36ish minutes. Today, I ran the 5k in 32 minutes and 31 seconds!! That might be slow to some, but it’s the fastest I’ve ever run before so I was pretty proud of myself. I have to say that knowing I would be posting my time on the blog kept me going when I wanted to stop to walk. I might be on to something there…

Backing up to last night, Mitch and I had decided to stay in for V-Day to avoid the crowds and save money. I still wanted to do something special for dinner, so when I heard that Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, a gourmet pizza chain around here, was selling “Valentine’s Day Survival Kits,” I knew that would be perfect. I bought two kits at $5 each. The “kit” included raw pizza dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. To top our pizzas, I cooked some bacon, caramelized onion slices, and chopped up green onions, zucchini, bell peppers. I made my pizza with less cheese and less bacon than Mitch’s but more caramelized onions (my fav!). I also made a green salad on the side.
pizza hallie  pizza mitch

Can you tell which one was mine and which was Mitch’s?

This was the best pizza I had ever made! Might have been due to the restaurant-quality dough and sauce. And it was a great deal considering it made enough food for 3 “Hallie meals” and 2 “Mitch meals.” I’m having leftovers tonight and put the rest in the freezer for another night.

(I’m now looking at these photos and I realize I should have transferred the pizza to a plate before taking the pics. Photography after your second cocktail will do that, I guess! But at least this way I can show off my Pampered Chef pizza stone.)

Other than my run and blogging, I’ve done pretty much nothing today and it’s been great. I really think every week should have a three day weekend!



  1. i love that they called them v-day survival kits!

  2. Your pizza stone looks like mine…its gotten a LOT of love. We made his and hers (and hers and hers) pizzas last night too!

    Great time, don’t say, “That might be slow to some…” Own your accomplishments!!!!

  3. YUM!
    the pizza looks great!

  4. Awesome run and the pizza looks delicious!

  5. The pizza looks pretty much exactly my usual ones. I often whip up my own dough, but just as often use Trader Joe’s, sold in the refrigerated section for about a buck. They’re good!

    Nice site Hallie, I’ll be back!

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