Posted by: Hallie | April 1, 2009

Healthy Eating from the Taco Shop

I was (again!) craving Mexican, so I stopped by a local taco shop (La Posta) on the way home from work to pick up some dinner. I scanned the menu for a healthy option, and this is what I decided to get. I wanted to show you all that it IS possible to make nutritious choices at Mexican restaurants.

carne fries

Looks delicious, no? Here are the health benefits from this light and satisfying dish:

  • Avocado (guacamole): fiber, magnesium, folate, and Vitamin E
  • Red Meat (carne asada): protein, B vitamins, iron
  • Cheese (and sour cream): calcium, protein
  • Potatoes (lightly deep-fried for flavor): fiber, Vitamin C, counts as a vegetable
  • Hot sauce: speeds metabolism, spices are loaded with antioxidants


(Like you didn’t see that one coming.)

This, my friends, is a local delicacy known as carne asada fries. As I hinted at above, this “heart attack on a plate” is a platter filled with French fries topped with “grilled” beef, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream to top it all off.

This is not to be confused with a California burrito, which is carne asada, salsa, guacamole, and French fries wrapped in a tortilla. (I’ve never had a Cali burrito, but I did get a falafel wrap with fries in it when I was in Israel, so I can’t hate on it too much.)

And of course, I didn’t have this for dinner. My dinner wasn’t exactly healthy either (rolled tacos with guacamole, baked chips and salsa, and a cup of yesterday’s soup), but it was nothing compared to this. Mitch happens to be an April Fool’s baby, and this was his requested birthday meal. When I get this for him, I watch behind the window as they make it, and I usually get a little nauseous thinking about him (or anyone) devouring the entire thing. But Mitch loves it. He only gets this about twice a year (which is probably 1.75 times too much), and while I fear for his arteries, he sure is a cheap birthday date and I can’t complain about that!

Regularly scheduled healthy eating/cooking will resume in the next post. I’m picking up my CSA vegetables tomorrow, so I’ll be doing the next installment of Seasonal Selections about one of the fruits/vegetables I receive!



  1. Ok, I fell for it. And I was really looking forward to seeing what you found at a taco shop that was healthy to eat!!! Funny 🙂 (looks pretty good though!)

  2. Ha! I was squinting at the picture, like, hmm…well, is that like cottage cheese? Baked fries? I could not figure it out! Then I got it. What can I say, it’s late in the day! 🙂

    I once asked my bf at the time to pick me up a CA Burrito, thinking the CA Burrito at Fred’s, which is like just beans and guac and all that. When he showed up with carne asada and fries in a tortilla, I was pissed. 🙂

  3. I was about to say your dinner looked pretty good! (minus the big white blob!)

  4. wow- that doesnt even look good to me. and i love mexican food. i guess thats a good sign cause thats a heart attack in styrofoam

  5. You totally got me!

  6. […] that little vent aside, after our Mexican take-out night, I was big-time craving vegetables and tofu. I decided to stray from my usual […]

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