Posted by: Hallie | April 24, 2009

Yogurt That’s Good for Me and the Planet

Lucky me, I was offered some coupons to try Stonyfield Farms yogurts, including their Oikos line of organic Greek yogurt. And who says no to free stuff, really? As a Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt fan, I was more than happy to give Stonyfield Farm’s version a try. I like the TJ plain that comes in 16 oz containers, but sometimes I want a single-serving container for when I’m on the go.

Since I can’t seem to find the blueberry version anywhere, I tried the plain, honey, and vanilla Oikos flavors. I dug into the honey yogurt when I was coming home from running errands and I knew I wanted a high-protein yet low calorie snack. I topped the yogurt with about a tablespoon of flax for some added nutrition.

honey yogurt

(My photo of the yogurt itself didn’t come out well.) The honey flavor is really sweet. Now for someone with a practically insatiable sweet tooth like myself, this wasn’t a problem, but I think other people might find it a bit too sweet. If I was ever going to try to swap yogurt for ice cream as a dessert (which philosophically, I just can’t do, not yet anyway) this would be the swap to make. And yet, it still has less sugar than other non-Greek varieties.

My favorite way, however, to enjoy Greek yogurt is for breakfast. I don’t really like eggs, so getting a high-protein breakfast can be difficult at times. But I love the combination of vanilla Oikos/high-fiber cereal/flax/fruit, or plain Oikos/agave nectar/cereal/fruit, as seen below. Greek yogurt is rich in protein so it keeps me full all morning long, especially with the fiber/carbs from the berries and the cereal.

cereal bowl 

I think my favorite flavor is the vanilla. It’s sweet enough that I don’t have to add any sweetener, but the sweetness isn’t overpowering. I love everything about the Oikos yogurts (nutrition, flavor, consistency), EXCEPT a) they are a little too pricey for me to enjoy on a regular basis, which is sad, and b) I can’t find the blueberry flavor and I want to try it!

I did feel a little better about the price when I read this from the Oikos yogurt website:

Through Stonyfield Farm’s Profits for the Planet program, Oikos gives 10% of its profits to efforts that protect and restore the environment. Our donation recipients are educational and non-profit organizations with innovative environmental and organic programs that produce measurable results.

Stonyfield Farm donations have helped to protect farmland from sprawl, teach ecological awareness, promote energy efficiency and climate-friendly practices, conserve endangered ecosystems and promote organic agriculture. Learn more.

Pretty cool, huh? I got back today from a conference for PR professionals (and I’m sorry, but you’ll be hearing more about that later) and one of the presenters mentioned how much more likely the general public is to purchase products from a company that they feel is ethically or environmentally responsible. Of course I don’t remember the percentage, but it’s much high than it was even 5 years ago.

 Have you ever chosen (or not chosen) to buy certain products or brands based on their reputation for sustainable practices, fair trade, etc? Would you pay a little more if you knew the money was going to help the earth? I would—but only up to a point (Mama’s still got a puppy to feed, you know!). I’m going to try to investigate more the companies who sell the products I want to buy because knowledge really is power!

Pardon the cliché. I’ll go back to eating my Greek yogurts now and step off my soap box.



  1. I tried the Oikos yogurt too, and could only find the honey flavor! SUPAH SWEET! But yummy…

    I usually buy organic/sustainable produce, and organic eggs all the time… We’re pretty broke though, so the extra money hurts.
    p.s. your dinner goes up on Monday!

  2. I love yogurt, I have never tried the Oikos but i surely will do so in the future!

  3. I love all Greek yogurts equally now! They’re so good and chocked full of protein! I try to buy from “good” companies but right now it depends on the money!

  4. saw your tweet about the run. for me it’s when I think THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FRIGGIN HARD—-it never is.
    I think I set the bar so low 🙂 it can not help but be better than I think!

  5. Love Greek yogurt! I usually buy the TJs kind, too.

    I am totally willing to spend more for fair-trade, local, organic, sustainable, etc. I think it’s all about priorities and what you choose to spend your money on, within reason of course! But I try to do my research to make sure what I’m getting isn’t greenwashed!

  6. With regard to higher protein breakfasts, I have had a similar problem. I like eggs and use egg substitute but I get bored of eating the same thing everyday. SO I have started putting Vanilla protein powder in my oatmeal and mixing it with my milk for cereal days! Just something you may to to try if you are super concerned about your AM protein!

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