Posted by: Hallie | April 26, 2009

Mom’s Ravioli Review and a Confession

As a member of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program, I was sent a sample of the new Buitoni Reserva ravioli to try. UNFORTUNATELY, I am not a mushroom fan, so obviously I wouldn’t be able to give it a fair review. The other varieties in the new line are Chicken and Four Cheese Ravioli, Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti, and Spicy Beef and Sausage Ravioli (which is the one that sounds the best to me!). I gave my sample to my mom, with the promise that she write a full review of the product. So I give you:

Mom’s Thoughts on Buitoni Reserva:

I couldn’t wait to try the new Buitoni Reserva all-natural Wild Mushroom Agnolotti ravioli. Ed [her boyfriend] made a simple white wine, butter, and garlic sauce for the pasta and the combination of sauce and ravioli was absolutely wonderful. I loved the generous filling of portobello and crimini mushrooms and cheese. The flavor was strong without being overpowering. I definitely will look for this ravioli in the market so we can enjoy it again.

pasta front

The ingredient label and nutrition facts are pretty good for a packaged food, too (see below). So overall, thumbs-up for Buitoni! (They make really good sauces as well.)

pasta label

This is My Confession

(sing it with me now…anyone…no?)

If you’ve read through my weight loss story, you’ll know that I’ve maintained about a 40-pound weight loss for the past 6 years or so. I’ve been happily living in “maintenance” mode, eating healthy most of the time with the occasional splurge, and regular exercise to help keep me in shape. Well folks, over the past few weeks (months?) I haven’t been doing so great at “maintaining,” and therefore I’ve put on a few pounds, Now, we’re maybe talking five pounds here (I doubt anyone but me can even tell), so it’s not the end of the world. But it’s affecting my self-esteem (and my clothes are starting to feel tight, which blows), so it’s something I’d like to take care of before 5 pounds turns into 10, etc.

I think the combination of too many celebrations (holidays, birthdays, etc.), along with using things like yoga and The 30-Day Shred to replace my regular exercise (as opposed to supplementing it) is starting to catch up to me. Bottom line, I’ve been eating more and working out less. That needs to be reversed, and I know it can be.

However, it’s been a long time since I’ve really been in “weight-loss” mode, and so I think I forget what it feels and looks like. I do know, though, that this time around, I don’t want to go at it alone. And that’s where this blog will come in. I need to be able to talk to other people who are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just trying to stay healthy/make healthy choices, to keep me on track and accountable.

I’m not sure what exactly any of this will look like, but you’ll probably see some additional posts from me on the topic of weight loss, and maybe some more personal stuff about how I’m doing. So I hope people appreciate and relate to the new topics that’ll show up. I’ll still be posting recipes of course, so maybe things won’t even change that much. So my question is, will you stick around for the ride? (it’s ok if you say no, but I hope you do!)


I have to extend my deep condolences to Jenna at Eat Live Run, who very recently lost her brother in a tragic accident. I can’t even begin to fathom what she’s going through, but the fact that my heart just aches for a “stranger” across the country shows me the power that blogging can really have to bring people together. Please keep Jenna and her family in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Mmm, ravioli!

    I’ll definitely stick around! 🙂 I’m actually excited to hear what you have to say, as I need to cut back on eating/snacking too much. It will be good motivation for me, too!

  2. I’ll be sticking around as well! I am in a sorta similar situation, I lost ~35 lbs over the course of the last year and a half and want to keep losing but my body won’t give. I get discouraged and get off the bandwagon, put a few pounds back on before I get my head right again and focus on eating better for my health, not the satisfaction of my palate. Best of luck, love!

  3. I’ll be sticking around as well, I’ve recently lost 18 lbs and have about 15 more to go so we can support eachother in our weight loss!

  4. I don’t need to lose weight, but I really want to up my exercise and tone my body! For a long time, I thought losing weight was the answer to “getting fit”, but I could lose 20 pounds and still be unhappy with my shape! I’m sticking around for your new journey!!

  5. […] And, notice all the food/alcohol-related events? Yeah. So basically, it’s a pretty bad time to embark on a fitness and diet program. But really, when is it ever a good time? This week, I am giving myself two modest goals to start […]

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