Posted by: Hallie | May 8, 2009

Termite Tenting: A Cautionary Tale


Well, kinda.

I haven’t been able to blog this week, partly because I haven’t been able to cook. Next week, I really hope to change that. I MISS cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients!

Our condo was tented for termites earlier this week, so we stayed with Mitch’s dad on Monday and Tuesday night. It was fun, but not exactly healthy eating, and it’s just always a little unsettling to be away from home, you know? I was able to keep up with exercise though, so that was good.

Then Wednesday was my birthday—the big 2-5! My coworkers had a “tea party” for me which was really cute, even if it was about 80 degrees so not exactly tea weather. After work, Mitch and I went to a restaurant in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter called Royal India. The restaurant was so cute, and the food was amazing (note to self: eat more Indian food. And more sushi but that’s another story). We shared a few dishes and enjoyed something called an “Indian Mojito.” I said I wasn’t going to drink, but I love mojitos of all kinds so I sort of got swept up by the moment, haha.

Then we went over to Extraordinary Desserts, a famous dessert place in town that I had never been to before. (I was determined not to stuff myself at dinner and actually make it to Extraordinary Desserts! I did a pretty good job on that front) I had a piece of “chocolate tiramisu” that was absolutely perfect: chocolaty and yet light-textured at the same time with the perfect amount of frosting/filling/mousse/whatever it was. YUM. It was REALLY hard narrowing my choice down to one dessert, and I was very happy with my ultimate selection.

(I was going to take photos of my meals, and then got chicken at the last moment. I’m just not there yet, I guess)

When we finally got back to our condo, we started putting everything away that we had bagged up to protect our stuff from the fumigation:


Ugh. Such a fun project…but the good thing is, we get a chance to organize our shelves and cabinets since they looked like this:


Empty! And, here’s where the cautionary tale comes in, and one of the reasons I haven’t been able to cook in the few days we’ve been back in the house:


Now, note that our fridge is NEVER that empty. However, when we were packing up all our stuff, we didn’t follow the directions exactly (actually I think we were given some bad instructions, but whatever) and the fumigation people THREW OUT a ton of our food. Ground turkey, frozen vegetables, coffee, TV dinners, frozen marinated chicken, GREEK YOGURT, ALMOND BUTTER, and some alcohol too. All gone. Needless to say, I was pretty upset by all this. I HATE food waste, so the thought of all that good food being thrown out is really, really sad. And we now have to majorly restock, which is fun since I love grocery shopping, but not fun for the wallet (I’m estimating $150-200 worth of food was thrown away).

So the cautionary tale: if you’re getting tented for termites, ask lots of questions, read every pamphlet, and actually just take everything out that you can and store it somewhere else until it’s done.

(My other cautionary tale for the week: don’t talk on your cell phone while driving. Not only is it stupid and unsafe, but if you live in a state where that’s illegal—they really do give tickets for that. Trust me.)

In lighter news, tonight is my birthday party! One night of craziness and then I SWEAR I’m going to buckle down and start eating healthy. Our trip to Palm Springs is less than three weeks away and I’m tired of freaking out about it (well, about wearing a swimsuit in public, specifically). To make sure we have some semi-healthy eats, I’m making a spinach-artichoke dip from Clean Eating magazine. I bought a gigantic bag of spinach from Costco (hello, green smoothies!)…I might turn into Popeye.

Have a great Friday and great weekend! I’ll try to take some photos of our crazy party spread. (If you read my Super Bowl post, you know we know how to throw a party!)

P.S. I won some PB2 from The Healthy Apple and it came in the mail yesterday. Yay! Thanks, Amie. Can’t wait to try it in smoothies, yogurt…and more? Suggestions??



  1. Ooh, I love Extraordinary Desserts! I think there is some kind of health food drive through next door, too, if I’m not mistaken?

    I loove Indian food! If you haven’t tried it, Bombay in Hillcrest, or their sister restaurant Monsoon in the Gaslamp are awesome. I think Bombay is better, but both are good! Um, Indian mojito? YUM!

    That sucks so much about losing your food! 😦 But it sounds like you had a great birthday anyway. Have a fun party!!

  2. Yikes! That sucks!!

    I hope you have a fun party!

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds like a headache!! Sorry 😦

    PB2 is good in plain yogurt and it can be used as a pasta like sauce (Asian peanut sauce) – YUM!

  4. First, welcome back and I’m glad you are termite-free. There is an Extraordinary Desserts-like restaurant here in Boston called Finale and it’s amazing, and I will totally take you there on your text trip out to the East Coast.

    And lastly, as an addition to the talking while driving precaution, also don’t text while driving. Especially if you’re driving a subway train. A guy here smashed into another train because he was texting his girlfriend. 40 people injured, $9 million in damages to the trains and tracks. AHAHAHA.

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