Posted by: Hallie | May 12, 2009

Easy, Yummy Doctored-Up Soup

As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE soup. I love how filling and (typically) healthy soup can be. I will eat soup pretty much year-round. Tonight, when I came home from a tough but gorgeous beach run, soup was the fastest and easiest thing I could make, so soup it was. I prefer to make soup myself using my trusty crock pot, but for convenience sake, I went with my new soup indulgence.


The Frontera brand of soups are AMAZING (I’ve raved about them on the blog), but kinda pricey. I only buy a few jars at a time but I love having at least one on hand. The nutrition facts are decent, except I had the whole can, which I just realized is a TON of sodium. And I’m supposed to be limiting sodium before Palm Springs. Darn it! Oh well. Lesson learned!

soup label

I love adding my own ingredients to canned soups to increase the satiety and nutrition. Some of my favorite additions/garnishes include:

  • Frozen mixed veggies
  • Shelled edamame
  • Frozen fire-roasted corn (Trader Joe’s, of course!)
  • Chickpeas or black beans
  • Leftover cooked quinoa or brown rice (add near end of cooking)
  • Green onions
  • Tortilla chips or toasted pitas (crumbled on top)
  • Raw spinach, chard, or kale
  • Leftover or canned chicken, chopped
  • Hot sauce/Sriracha/spices

I don’t cook any of the frozen/cold items before adding them to the soup, I just throw everything in the pot and cook on medium until everything is warmed through. I used to heat up my soup in the microwave, before Mitch showed me the light—that heating soup on the stovetop takes about the same time as the microwave, and it stays warm much longer with no burning hot bowl!

Tonight, I added 1/3 cup cooked quinoa, 1/4 cup each corn and black beans, hot sauce, and a garnish of green onions. This giant bowl, and the piece of toast I had on the side (lay off me, I’m starving…name that movie!), was less than 450 calories, very low fat, and SUPER filling. It took a long time to finish, too, which was nice because usually I can polish off a bowl of soup in 2.5 seconds.

tortilla soup

Do you treat soup as an appetizer or a meal? What are your favorite “add ins,” if you roll like that (and you should!)?

Ugh I am beat, friends. Time to get ready for another busy day tomorrow. My plan is to Shred before work, yoga after work, and then going out for tapas and sangria with some girlfriends after work (yay!). Oh not to mention that day-job thing. So I’m out. NIGHT!

P.S. He doesn’t read the blog, but I have to give some PROPS to my wonderful boyfriend. I was late this morning and left the kitchen such a mess (downside of making smoothies!) and he cleaned up the whole joint! It was so nice coming home to a clean condo. Bless that man!!



  1. Woohoo for the boyfriend!! That soup sounds fantastic! I’m going to have to look for it around here!

  2. What a sweet bf!

    I added some zucchini and yellow squash to some leftover chicken chili the other day. Yum! I think they’d be good in a lot of soups.

    Avocado can be good on top of Mexican-inspired soups, too!

  3. yes, super sweet bf! i need someone to come clean my apt for me.

    when i treat soups as a meal, i totally bulk them up, too. i use everything i can find in my kitchen — veggies, fruit, nuts, cheese, grains. the way you doctored your soup made it into such a powerhouse. i love it!

  4. hallie – try tempeh!! 🙂

    thanks for your comment. i think its really hard to NOT compare yourself to others or your own past accomplishments. all i need to remember is that is am doing the best i can do for ME, for RIGHT NOW, and that’s better than nothing!:)

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