Posted by: Hallie | May 30, 2009

Pre-Marathon Blogger Meet Up

Yesterday was quite a day! I went for a 3.5 mile run, and it actually felt good. It’s runs like those that make me think I actually can stick with this running thing and build up (ever so slowly) to longer distances. And after some gentle urging by Healthy Ashley, I went online and found a 10K in November that I’m going to sign Mitch and I up for today.

I knew Meghann was coming into town and checking out the zoo (because what else do you do when you come to San Diego) so I asked if she wanted a ride back to her hotel…and a stop at Trader Joe’s before that. I knew she wanted to stop into a TJ while she was here, and I couldn’t let that mission go unfulfilled…hello, it’s Trader Joe’s!

me and meghann

(photo stolen from courtesy of Graduate Meghann)

Katie, Ashley, Bobbi, Meghann, Sarah, and I had dinner at Trattoria Fantastica. I never go to Little Italy, and I should really go more often…it’s such a cute area, totally different from other Little Italy’s I’ve been to (namely San Fran and NYC). I probably made a really bad first impression, because I wasn’t 100% sure my parking spot was going to be ok (long story) and for the first 15 minutes I was paranoid (again!) about getting towed.

I ordered the gnocchi, which to be honest, was so-so. The chicken and the sun-dried tomatoes were good, so I kinda picked those out. I guess I’m just not meant to love gnocchi. Afterwards, I bypassed the incredible-looking Italian bakery attached to the store because I was craving frozen yogurt…only to learn that all fro yo places near me close at 10. FRO YO FAIL! I guess I should have had some beforehand, like Meghann did (so I learned reading her blog today).

The girls were all so sweet. I was a little nervous about going out to dinner with, let’s face it, strangers, but they didn’t feel like strangers once we started chatting about food, running, etc. I sat next to Bobbi, who just as warm and nice as she appears on her blog. I felt like we had a lot in common…oh with the exception that she’s run FOUR MARATHONS and is running another on Sunday! Craziness.

Ok I’ve got to get a move on or I’ll miss yoga! Then later Mitch and I are going to the gym for another “training session.” It’s rainy and dreary here today, but I’m telling myself that means it’ll be perfect marathon weather tomorrow. I’m so excited to volunteer at the finish line and see all the blood sweat and tears from the runners who have worked so hard to accomplish their goals. I think it’ll be super-motivating.



  1. What area do you live in? I know Fiji Yogurt is open til 11 every day… there’s one in Pt. Loma and Linda Vista, not sure where else. If you ever need a fro yo buddy, hit me up!! 🙂

  2. Glad you had a great time at the blogger meet up!! That would be so much fun meeting everyone face to face 🙂

  3. Hey Hallie, cool blog! I like the personalized header, I’ve really got to figure out how to jazz mine up a bit, lol!

  4. I just found your blog and I love Trader Joe’s too! I am doing a Trader Joe’s giveaway in my blog if you want to check it out 🙂

  5. Glad you didn’t get towed!

    So sorry about the lack of fro yo! I def. want to go to Pinkberry when I’m in town! 😀

  6. i’m so excited you’re going to sign up for the 10k! it will be excellent motivation to keep up with the running — i’m glad you had such a good one the other day. hope you’re having an awesome time volunteering today — it’s got to be incredible to see all those people finish after working so hard!

  7. As an avid fro-yo fan, I understand your pain! There is nothing that can fill the void of a froyo craving other than the real thing. My fav is fiji in Point Loma.

  8. yay for blogger meet ups! so fun!

  9. Blogger meetups are cool. I’m jealz I haven’t had 1 yet!

  10. I should try to get together with some bloggers in my area for a meet up. I always love reading about them. What fun!!

    Sorry about the fro yo incident. I hate when things like that happen. 😦 Hopefully, you’ve been able to score some today!

  11. […] have still not had any frozen yogurt. The craving is still there. Just thought ya’ll should […]

  12. Congrats on signing up for the 10K. You will do an awesome job! I hope you get your froyo soon!

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