Posted by: Hallie | June 30, 2009

He Cooks, He Cleans!

Back from Central California! We had a really nice time at the wedding. There was definitely some splurging in the food category, but I did manage to eat healthy breakfasts (I followed Tina’s advice before she even gave it!), not drink too much, and squeeze in a great treadmill workout on Saturday.

On Friday night we went to a barbecue “rehersal dinner” that was held in this really pretty park in Merced…I think it was called Yosemite Park, but don’t quote me. It reminded me of Stewart Park in Ithaca, New York, where I went to college (well, those two weeks where it was nice enough to go to a park in upstate New York).


(I’m trying to master the “hand on hip” in photos, to make my arm look less flabby than if I just let my arm hang at my side. But I don’t think I’m doing it right…looks weird to me. Any tips, my photogenic friends?)

Tonight, I went for a run after work (3 miles in 33:18…which, for me, is really good! Progress, progress, progress…), so Mitch offered to cook dinner. He was craving tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, and I’ll eat soup year-round, so I was game. I know, I am lucky to have a guy that enjoys cooking (not as much as I do though, haha), and is actually good at it. He also vacuums, takes out the trash/recycling, makes a killer protein smoothie, and remembers to charge the electric toothbrush when it gets low. Yeah…I’ll keep him.

The boy made this recipe, cutting down the oil (to uhh, 1/2 cup), reducing the butter, adding some red pepper flakes, and using nonfat milk instead of cream. I chopped up some Swiss chard and added it to my soup for some extra nutrition (and if I don’t eat the chard, no one will) and we garnished our soups with fresh basil and chopped scallions…delish!

soup and sandwich

We finished the soup between the two of us…and I’ll be honest, I tried really hard not to think about the sh*t-ton of olive oil I had consumed. At least he made some healthy swaps…baby steps. And dinner was ready when I got home…can’t complain about that!

I paired my soup with a hummus and turkey sandwich that I browned in the pan that Mitch used to make his grilled cheese. <Trumpets sounding> They finally have the famed Sandwich Thins in my grocery store! I’ve seen these bad boys on your blogs forever and I’m SO happy I finally found them. I hope everyone in San Diego buys them so they stay on the shelves. I can’t wait to try them with veggie and turkey burgers. I am very picky about my filling-to-bread ratio, and the normal whole-wheat buns we’ve been using are just too big for my tastes. And the fact that these have 80 fewer calories per bun is nice, too.

Gotta get my act together and get ready for bed! Tomorrow I’m up bright and early for a date with my puppy, the hills in my neighborhood, and my wannabe BFF, Jillian Michaels.

Later gators XOXO (and if you’re a new reader, HI and thanks for stopping by…actually, hi if you’re not a new reader too)

P.S. The Healthy Lawyer (Aimee) is having a Nana’s Cookie giveaway. Check it out!



  1. I’m a new reader! The minute I saw your hand-on-hip photo I was hooked – I do exactly the same! Maybe move your hand a bit lower down so your arm is slightly less bent…not that I’m an expert or anything! The park looks lovely.

  2. Your arms look great in that photo, so I say you’ve got the pose down!

    You are lucky to have a man who does some of the cleaning. Nick (my live in bf) really doesn’t do much, but her DOES do the laundry! Every week I may add, which is perfection because I hate doin glaundry with a passion!

    Have a great day.

  3. I’m a major poser (AKA HAM!!) and when I do the arm on hip thing, I put my hand at the smallest part of my waist and pop that hip/side forward a bit if that makes sense. However, I think you look great in the picture!!

    Glad you had a great time at the wedding!

  4. I haven’t perfected the arm pose yet either. But if I’m wearing a skirt, I always make sure I stick one of my legs out a bit so the outside of my calf is showing (the most flattering part of the leg). Clearly I need to spend more time in the mirror working on the arm thing 😛

    That looks like a delicious dinner! Do you find the sandwich thins to be sweeter than other breads? Maybe it’s just cause I only eat pita, but I find they almost taste like a dessert bread!

  5. I am right there with you — I eat soup year round too! That’s what we have AC for, right? 🙂

  6. LOL, I am loving the posing tips! Congrats on the run girlfriend, that is supa!

  7. i’ve never been able to master the hand-on-hip, either! so i just gave up 🙂 you look lovely in that pic, though, and the setting is gorgeous!

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