Posted by: Hallie | July 7, 2009

Not Again, Nina!

Hola! So first things first. Remember when I thought Nina ate a chicken bone awhile back? Well today, Mitch went out for a run and when he came back, our girl had gotten into the trash and eaten an ENTIRE chicken carcass from the rotisserie chicken we had last night (oh, the things you vegetarians don’t have to worry about!). I called the vet and the receptionist said that while Nina has a few uncomfortable days ahead (and we should schedule our carpet cleaning now) she’ll probably be ok; we just need to keep an eye on her. So I’m pretty freaked out, once again. If I’m this worried about my dog, I can only imagine how I’ll be when I have human children to care for…yikes!

Anyway, parenting issues aside, I wanted to share a yummy meal I made on Sunday. I guess I was still feeling patriotic or all-American, or I knew I’d need comfort for the week ahead.

meatloaf and cauli

Looks decadent, no? Looks can be deceiving!

This was my BBQ Bacon Meatloaf with a few “edits:"

  • One heaping Tbsp of nonfat Greek yogurt instead of milk (KEY change!)
  • Center-cut bacon instead of regular
  • Jarred roasted red peppers instead of fresh
  • No Cajun seasoning (a sprinkle of garlic salt instead)
  • Instead of the BBQ sauce, I mixed 1 Tbsp of hoisin sauce with 1 Tbsp of chili-garlic sauce and topped it off with a ton of Sriracha. SO GOOD, and lighter to boot!

And what did we have on the side? Mashed cauliflower! Remember when this popular on the blogs awhile back (or have none of you been reading food blogs that long, lol)? I’ve always wanted to try this but was a little scared. I wish I’d tried it sooner!

I tried to be all fancy and make this buttermilk mashed cauliflower thing, and it was a big FAIL (buttermilk curdles when heated, who knew)? So make Jenna’s recipe if you want to try it. It tasted like cauliflower (duh) but TOTALLY had the consistency of whipped, creamy potatoes! I’ll definitely make this again. I found this (don’t laugh!)packet of organic gravy mix at the store that only had 25 calories per serving, so I made that to have on the cauliflower. Speaking of servings, what you see above was Mitch’s serving; here’s what I ate:

my serving meatloaf

Lest you think I gorged myself on turkey meatloaf and mashed cauliflower 🙂

And the ADD Girl Strikes Again…
So, I’m thinking (again!) of making some tweaks to the style/content of my blog. Basically I want to talk more about more than food/recipes. Not sure yet where I’m going, but my blogging idol is Roni of Roni’s Weigh, so I think something more along the lines of what she writes about (significantly less awesome though, of course).

So I’m wondering:

  1. Would a “change midstream” (haha) turn people off? Would I lose readers?
  2. What makes a good blog? What makes a “bad” blog (and we know those exist!)
  3. Who is your blogging idol? Or am I the only one who has one?

Thanks, Ace Research Team! Have a good night all.



  1. Blogging idol, eh? I really like WordPress, rather than blogspot (which is what I use), but you’ve already got that…. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to change your set up “midstream”, if that’s what you want, do it!

    The food looks yummy by the way. I haven’t had meatloaf in years!

  2. Hmm… i think that since your blog isn’t necessarily a food blog (you do say “putting a healthy twist on EVERYTHING) you can do whatever you want!!!
    My blogging idol?? Definitely Roni and MizFit! (both of whom I’m meeting in a couple weeks!!)

  3. Well, if it’s any consolation, I doubt a baby could finish a whole chicken carcass 😛

    My favourite blogs are the ones with personal flavour. I obviously visit them for the content, but it’s often the personality behind the blog that always brings me back. I think you should change it up any way you please! 😛

    I love Oh She Glows, I like how it’s a mix of personal stuff and fact-based content. Sort of what I’m shooting for with my new blog, but obviously with my own personal flare 😉

  4. I don’t have a blogging idol, I have a few that I do enjoy more then others though. I like bloggers who have got a good sense of humor, and injects their own personality into their blog. I also think good pictures are extrememly important and I too prefer wordpress over blogger any day.

  5. I think changing midstream is totally great! What makes a great blog is the blogger being INTO it and having something that makes it uniquely them! As for my blogging idol, I would have to say…Perez Hilton! Just kidding – I don’t think I have one 🙂
    I love your substitutions – great way to keep it healthy and still kinda naughty feeling!
    Your comment killed me today! 🙂

  6. P.S. Nine is gonna have some painful passings 😦 Poor thing!

  7. I have a blog idol too. Eat Live Run (Jenna). People change, blogs change. It’s a-ok.

  8. I like to go 50/50 on the cauliflower and potatoes in my mashers… yummers!

  9. […] Nina seems to be doing better, after an expensive trip to the vet for x-rays showed that she didn’t have any more bones in her digestive tract (sorry if TMI). The worst seems to be behind us, as long as she’ll stay out of the damn trash. […]

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