Posted by: Hallie | July 19, 2009

Fake it Til You Make It

Hey all, I need to be honest. I haven’t had the greatest weekend. It started well, with a lovely (and pricey/indulgent, which actually might have triggered the pity party) anniversary dinner with my boy and ever since then my stomach hasn’t felt great, I’ve been really tired and generally pretty mopey, a family member landed in the hospital, etc. etc. I’ve pretty much done nothing this weekend but exercise, grocery shop, and lay around watching TV. I think my body needed that rest, but I also hope this funk is lifted soon.

I want this blog to have a happy tone, so instead of lamenting further about all the reasons I feel blue, I decided to make a list of the things in my life that are good. Being reminded of the blessings that I have always helps keep my bad moods in perspective and reminds me that while I feel blah, there’s lots of happiness around too. I really believe in “fake it ‘til you make it,” so here is my list for today:

  • I have a good job that’s stable. And more than that, I work with cool people and for a great, worthwhile organization.
  • I have an awesome boyfriend—things are probably as good between us as they have ever been. He helps me through my blah days and makes kick-ass smoothies, which I’ve been having for breakfast almost every day.
  • I have awesome friends that are always there for me. I went for a walk with my bestie today, and I’m so happy she moved back home after spending a few years away.
  • I’m going to two weddings in the next few months, which is always fun! The first one is a Mexican-Jewish wedding, and from what I hear, it’s going to be QUITE the party.
  • Two of my best friends from college are coming out to San Diego over Labor Day. I’ve never had college friends come out to Cali, so I’m REALLY excited to share my awesome home town with these girls. I can’t wait.
  • I might be starting a new fitness program that might give me the shake-up that I need to finally get the results that I want. (I don’t want to elaborate in case it falls though, but it’s a pretty cool opportunity. Stay tuned.)
  • My bruised toe is starting to get better. I’m hoping to get back into running. I have lowered my expectations for November’s 10k (old goal: don’t walk; new goal: do my very best) and I’m actually really looking forward on training for it, because it feels good to have a goal unrelated to weight loss.
  • I may have a lost a few blog readers lately (I think for lack of updating) but in general, being a part of the blogging community makes me happy. I feel like I have friends who understand me, maybe sometimes more than “real-life” friends do in some ways. So “blogging and blogging friends” goes on this list!

I made a lentil/brown rice dish with caramelized onions from Veganomicon yesterday that I was going to show ya’ll, but as you can imagine it’s not very photogenic, and actually not that tasty. (I think I overdid the allspice) I love how vegan food keeps for days, so it’s nice to have lunch for tomorrow all ready. I’m just going to have soup and toast for dinner in a little bit, because I think that’s all I can handle right now.

I listed eight good things that are going on for me right now; eight reasons I have to be happy with my life. Friends, what are two good things going on for you? I need some positive energy up in here!!



  1. good attitude! i just found out my movie is coming out in theaters this september so that’s good news!

  2. Hugs my dear!!! you have a great attitude, and thats the first step 🙂

  3. I always do the same thing when I’m feeling blue. I wallow in it a little, but I like to make lists of things that are good in my life or that I’m looking forward to. I think you’re lucky to have such a large list!!

    As of right now, I’m really happy that I have a working body that can push through all the hurdles I throw at it (ahem, long ass bike rides!). It’s days like today that there’s no way I can look in the mirror and not like what I see, because despite what it looks like, I’ve got a pretty rad bod 😛

    I love your new race goal too. Finishing, and enjoying getting to the finish sounds like an awesome goal to me 😉

  4. Aw, hugs! Sorry you are having a not-so-hot weekend!

    Two things I am really happy about right now:
    1) Like you and Mitch, Jodus and I are probably the best we have ever been right now. Totally clicking and it feels great.
    2) We are strong and healthy. I am currently watching my boss die of cancer, seeing my grandfathers body give out on him, seeing obesity plague family members, my brother has bronchitis, yet we are strong, healthy, fit, happy!

  5. I truly believe in fake it till you make it too! Great list! And let me tell you…Mexican weddings are so fun! We sure know how to party. I’ve never been to a Jewish wedding but it should be fun 🙂

  6. Oh I know what you mean, completely. I find myself complaining so often, but then I just remind myself how much worse things could be!! haha, it works for me. I have been so stressed out lately and my stress has started to effect my daily routine. I just do exactly what you did, and remind myself of all the positive things going on in my life. Just remember, there will always be down times in your life, but they are always followed by better times!

  7. Way to make a great post out of a blah day. We all have blah days from time to time, girlie.

  8. I’m so sorry things have been rough for you. I really like your list. I think forcing yourself to see the positive makes the biggest difference.

  9. I’m having kind of a stressful, not-so-great time lately, too, so thank you for reminding me to look on the positive!

    Two good things going on for me are:my sister is moving to the City, and I haven’t had to drive as much lately!

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  11. Add to your list of positive things: You kick ass 🙂

    1) Obvio: I’m finally pregnant and my husband and I are so excited our faces hurt from smiling so much.

    2) I’m almost done with school and hopefully ending a year of unemployment.

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