Posted by: Hallie | July 23, 2009

Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls Review

Happy Almost-Friday!

I think I mentioned before that a volunteer at my museum often brings in Trader Joe’s goodies that he gets for free because they are at thier expiration date so the store can’t sell them. Yesterday, when I saw the “Come get bread in the Volunteer Room,” I decided to scope out the loot. I saw a bag of Whole Wheat Raisin Cinnamon Rolls and I thought, “Score!” Man, I love free stuff.

These rolls are vegan and have no refined sugar (they’re sweetened with fruit juice). The first ingredient is whole wheat flour, but the second is enriched wheat flour, so I know they aren’t 100% whole wheat. Each one is 230 calories, 2g fat, 7g protein, and have a fair amount fiber (not sure how much and I’m too lazy to look!), so it seemed like a fairly healthy choice. I had it for breakfast this morning with some almond butter and a banana (not pictured).

wheat cinnamon rolls

Verdict? Not bad! Actually, they tasted just like a cinnamon raisin bagel. I was hoping for more of a hearty wheat flavor, but no dice. I actually think they would make great French toast, Tales of Expansion-style. I’m not sure if I’d purchase these, but if they showed up at work again…

Thanks for everyone who left me nice comments on my last post. Since then, I’ve decided to book a little getaway for me and the boy. We’re going to the Grand Canyon in a month! Now, I know, it’s going to be crazy hot, but I’m still stoked. We’re spending two full days and three nights in the campground, then heading to southern Arizona to visit an old coworker of ours before heading back home. 1500 miles over 6 days…good thing we have a portable DVD player 😉

I should probably be more fiscally responsible then to take a trip like this right now, but camping is a relatively inexpensive vacation, as they go. And after the hectic summer I’ve had at work, I really need something fun to look forward to. Plus, once Mitch starts school and football season starts, I will never get to see my boyfriend, so I think it’ll be good to spend some quality time with him.

Are you a city girl or a country girl (or guy, I suppose) when it comes to traveling? I love being outdoors and hiking and nature…but I also like city vacations (hotels, restaurants, museums) as well. Basically, if it’s travel, I’m there!

Oh, and in more “Hallie hearts free stuff” news, here are some contests around blog land:

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  • Fruit.Veggies.Life is doing a cool 100th post giveaway
  • Hop, Skip & a Giant Leap is giving away Amazing Grass!!
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    1. i’m kinda both – i love exploring new cities but sometimes i do like being in nature…i am not one who “roughs it,” however….

    2. I am very much like you, I’d do both and be happy! I enjoy hiking, camping, having no electricity, etc. But I also love staying in nice hotels, eating out at great restaurants, and shopping! Hey, if it means getting out of town, I’ll do it!

    3. I’m the same as you! A healthy mix of city and country! I love going hiking and checking out the scenery; I also love museums, galleries, history, nightlife, shopping… haha. I just love to travel!

    4. Yay! That sounds like a well-deserved (and fun) trip! I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. It’s like the exact opposite of where I live in Canada 😛

      I’m not a huge fan of big cities. I get really panicky in big crowds, even when I’m in a totally awesome foreign city. Plus, some of my favourite vacationing memories are the treasures I found in the little towns along the way 🙂

    5. When visiting friends, it’s fun to be in a city…going to eat, and shows and shopping. But if I am solo, I prefer to relax, not to be “on”!
      If you like free things, check out my Amazing Meal Giveaway on Nourishment

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