Posted by: Hallie | July 27, 2009

The Other Green Monster

No, not this one! Keep reading to see what I’m referring to.

So remember when I said I wanted make my new Trader Joe’s whole-wheat cinnamon rolls into French Toast? That’s exactly what I did Sunday. I sliced the roll into thirds, dipped in a mixture of almond milk, egg whites, vanilla, and cinnamon, and cooked on the stovetop. I didn’t have any maple syrup, which obviously makes French toast, but it was pretty delicious nonetheless. I had some blueberries on the side for a great Sunday breakfast.

flax french toast

I almost forgot! I’ve seen Caitlin sprinkle flaxseed on her French toast so I did the same. Not bad! I don’t think I really tasted the flax, but they definitely added some nutritional value. I love how French Toast can be as decadent or as healthy as you want to make it.

What is your favorite “Sunday” breakfast treat? I think I’d take some quality French toast over pancakes or waffles any day. Especially if there is cinnamon and raisins involved!

Jealous, Much?

Ok, honesty time! I would call myself a jealous person, and lately, it’s been getting worse. I’ve been working out a lot, eating *fairly* healthy, and not seeing any results as far as weight loss (remember when I posted about how I wanted to lose a few pounds…yeah…). Honestly, it’s really affecting my self-esteem and my motivation. It’s hard to bust my butt in the gym and feel like it’s getting me nowhere.

And, it doesn’t help that Mr. Mitch is kicking butt at his goals. He’s lost almost 30 pounds (THIRTY!), he can run 5 miles, and he is in his best shape since I’ve known him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining that the man looks F-I-N-E, but it’s a little hard to watch him be so happy every time he steps on the scale when I get so bummed when I do the same.

I know, realistically, that he is working harder than I am, partly due to the fact that he has more free time and a more flexible schedule than I do (ah, student life). I also know that he is naturally more athletic and genetically blessed than me, so he will always “do better” than I. I know that I should just be happy for him and shouldn’t compare his (or anyone’s) success and abilities to my own.

But sometimes, I just want to stamp my feet and throw a temper tantrum like a little kid (actually, there might have been an incident this weekend when he wasn’t home that we won’t talk about). I want to be happy with the work I’m doing and the results I’m getting, and I’m just…not.

A few things to break me out of my jealous funk:

  1. My toe feels better, so I’m going to pick the running back up. Sunday I did 3 miles without stopping, which was big for me. I realized that if I CAN go out there and have victories, whatever they may be, it helps me to be truly happy when I hear about his running success.
  2. I’m probably starting a new fitness/diet program (I know, I’m cryptic. I just want to wait until it 100% is happening). This new program will give me a support system outside of my boyfriend, and I think right now, I need his support as well as the support of others. Again, making it about ME.
  3. I’m beginning to realize that there is something on a deeper lever that is hindering me from reaching my goals. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I’m determined to heal myself from the inside out, if that makes any sense.
  4. I had something else…but now I can’t remember. I think the smell of our dinner cooking (Mitch is making shrimp and chicken fajitas…delicious and healthy!) is making me lose my mind. So I’ll throw it to you: do you feel “jealous” of other’s fitness abilities or people meeting other goals that you can’t? Do you consider yourself jealous? How do you deal with feelings of jealousy or low self-esteem in general?

Mmm…you know when your house SMELLS spicy, the food is going to be good. I’m so hungry…almost time to eat…



  1. I totally know what you mean. Over the last year, Jodus has lost 40 lbs, and I’ve pretty much stayed the same. I often get discouraged and kick myself about it but then I realize, I’m having a lot of fun, eating good food, not killing myself with working out. It’s about striking a balance. To get to my goal, I’d probably have to eat totally clean, no alocohol, work out 2 hours a day, everyday, and that is what is unrealistic for me. In the meantime, I’m going to focus on upping the intensity of the time I do have. This post earlier actually really hit me:

  2. jealousy is something i had to learn to cope with early on in my career….i’ve gotten so much better at it and learning not to compare myself to others, but it’s hard!

  3. Do you have any fitness-oriented friends outside of Mitch? My boyfriend is the only other person I spend time with who loves being active as much as I do. It’s awesome to have a boyfriend I can share that with, but it would also be nice to have other people in my life to talk about and participate in things with. Sometimes it can be frustrating comparing my successes to his, because he’s MUCH physicaly stronger than I. It’s really like comparing apples to oranges.

    I’m curious to hear what your new program will be!! I’ve been contemplating joining a local running group. But I’m quite shy, and I’m scared I’m not fit enough to keep up with them!

    Oh, and one more thing. Stop weighing yourself. Seriously. I know it sounds like hoo-ey, but I lost my last 10 lbs after I got rid of my scale. Sometimes, you need to stop obsessing about things for them to actually happen. Just enjoy achieving your fitness goals and eating yummy, healthy food 😀

  4. I have had jealous thoughts, multiple times in my life. I hate being jealous, it never leads to happy endings. I do have some advice for oyu though, NEVEr compare yourself to a guy! Guys will always loose weight faster, and build muscle faster, no matter what, it’s just how they were built! My bf never works out, and eats tons of food, yet he never gains weight (in fact he has trouble keeping weight on!). I used to be jealous, then reality set in. Men weren’ built to make babies, they have less fat, less fat storage areas, and more muscle, therefore they loose weight fast and gain weight slow! IT’s just the sad truth we have to deal with. IN the meantime, give your goal time, and remember the harder you workout the hungrier you will be, so it’s not all about exercise, make sure you re making the right food choices too (I’m sure you are). Good luck.

  5. That looks so good! I shop at TJ’s all the time, even though everything is wrapped in plastic. I won’t go there again, but I wrote about it in my blog.

    Anyway, I am going ot have to try this and let you know what I think.

    And don’t worry about the jealousy thing, it’s normal everyone gets jealous of something. And keep with the exercise, eventually it will pay off. Never give up!

  6. Keep working hard – it’ll pay off, I promise 🙂

  7. Hang in there… it will come off. You just got to stay motivated and determined ! ! !
    Favorite breakfast meal: egg stir-fry!

  8. […] the Hypotheses with Friendship Bread Hey ya’ll, thanks for reading/commenting on my last post. It made me feel a lot better to know that some of you get jealous of other people sometimes too, […]

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