Posted by: Hallie | August 2, 2009

Getting to my “After” photo

I’ve been hinting for awhile about starting a new diet/fitness program. This past week, I began this new adventure, so I wanted to share it with my blog buddies. This is a bit of a long post (per usual, right?) because I feel like I really have to explain it.

I joined a program called the Body Transformation Club after hearing about it from a friend who went through the program and lost weight and increased confidence (things I wouldn’t mind for myself!). I applied for the program a few months ago and didn’t get selected, but they called me a few weeks ago and said if I was still interested, I was in.

Basically, this personal trainer/former bodybuilder here in town runs bootcamp-type workout and nutrition programs and has been doing so for years. A few years ago, he began working with fitness-equipment and product manufacturers who needed testimonials for their products—I guess they aren’t allowed to lie on those infomercials where the girl says, “I lost 15 pounds and 20 inches using the {insert product/contraption} and I feel great.” But as well all know, there’s no way any of those crazy machines or plans will work without a strict diet and cardio/strength program as well. So that’s what this trainer does. Finds the “before” people and gets them to the “after” results, 12 weeks of hard work and dedication later.

Honestly, I was NERVOUS to start this program. I am no stranger to a good workout, but given my past issues with restrictive eating, I was really afraid that the diet I was to follow would bring up some old demons. I was also afraid I’d be hungry all the time, because he would want us to go on some crazy low-carb plan.

I’m happy to report that 4 days into the program, I’m feeling great! The workouts are a lot of fun (think “30 Day Shred” style of cardio mixed with weights). I’ve been working out at 6 AM, and it’s nice to have my workout done with. The sessions are tough and I’m definitely working hard, but I think my fitness base has prepared me well for the sessions. (Oh and the product I’m supposed to demo? Let’s just say it’s not something I would ever use normally or suggest you buy, but since I’m getting $1500 worth of fitness and nutrition support for nada, I’ll play nice).

While I don’t love having a very specific meal plan (I have to turn in a food log every day), I haven’t been hungry because I’m eating 6 times a day, almost every day. Also, the meals are fairly balanced. Higher in protein and lower in vegetables than I’d probably choose for myself, but I think a few months of this type of eating won’t leave me vitamin-deficient (especially since the plan includes supplements like multivitamins, flax, and fish oil). I’m even trying new things, like pita pizzas:

pita pizza

This was lunch today. Whole wheat pita, 1 oz lowfat mozzarella, 1.5 oz shrimp, two tablespoons of tomato sauce, and some sliced onion and oregano/red pepper. A small meal, yes, but it’s only supposed to sustain me for 2.5-3 hours. The problem with the plan for me is that it calls for a fair amount of cottage cheese and eggs, neither of which I particularly care for. The nice thing is, though, that we’re allowed to make swaps as needed, so I’ve been eating lots of Greek yogurt for protein snacks. Twist my arm on that one 😉

The rebel in me, and the know-it-all, is fighting the urge to question everything I’m told to do, but I’m giving it a shot. This is a 3-month program, and this trainer charges a lot to join his programs under regular circumstances. It’s intense (I have to go in every other week to get weighed and body-fat tested) but I feel like since I was chosen for this program, I owe it to the trainer, to the sponsors, to the other girls who were picked, and most of all to me to give this all I can. This trainer has helped so many people, that I feel honored to be given this opportunity.

I know I won’t be perfect on my diet 100% of the time, but I’m hoping to lose one pound a week for 12 weeks. I’m proud of my success in this short time so far (example: I’ve switched completely from coffee to green tea! Wasn’t even too hard.) These next 3 months are going to be a true test of what I can do when I put my mind to something.

Wish me luck; I’ll keep you updated on my progress/thoughts on this experience! And if you have any questions about my plan, please email me at and I’ll do my best to answer.

(Sidenote: I’m not sure what yet this will do to the blog, since my cooking will be rather boring while I’m on this program. I think I’m going to test out some different types of posts; please let me know what you like, love, and hate with a passion).



  1. Oh my gosh how interesting! Honestly i think this is *such* great news! to get a personal trainer and food plan for free seems like a worthwhile deal to me! Awesome! Please please keep us posted with what you’re eating on this plan and especially how you feel on this sort of diet and fitness plan — i’m very curious! Oh and I *love* pita pizzas! In regards to the meal plan, does the trainer suggest a certain amount of calories for each meal?

  2. i’d love to see what you’re eating, it won’t be boring!

  3. I think what you’re doing sounds so interesting!! Three months isn’t that long really, and I bet it will be much easier to do with the support of a trainer. I can’t wait to hear what kind of progress you make with it!

    And you should definitely keep us updated on what kind of foods you’re making. It’d be nice to see what things they have you eating and if it’s working. Oh, and I eat 5-6 times a day too (3 small meals, 3 big snacks). I love it because I’m eating ALL the time 🙂

  4. Interesting. This is a meal plan I have not yet heard of. I’m excited to follow your through your journey, and I wish you all the luck in the world! If you want something bad, you can create the strength to do it!

  5. I would love to see what you are eating too! This pizza looks delicious. Eating small meals a day are the best way to go!

  6. Good luck!

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  8. thanks for sending me this link! sounds like a great program 🙂

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