Posted by: Hallie | August 4, 2009

Papa Protein and Baby Protien

Happy Tuesday (is it really only Tuesday…ugh). Thanks to everyone who commented (and read, you lurkers you!) my last post about my new diet/fitness adventure. Today I was really challenged at work because there were donuts everywhere (literally…we had a busy day in museum-land so a coworker brought like, 15 dozen donuts for the break rooms on every floor) as well as chocolate cake.

Normally a fresh donut or good cake goes in my “worth it to splurge” list (along with Mexican food and homemade peanut butter cookies and…). I didn’t have either (ok…I might have picked a speck or two of glaze from the bottom of the box. Am I the only one who does that?) so I was happy that I kept my goals in mind every time I walked past the goods.

Then I went to dinner with a friend and while she got sushi I had plain chicken with vegetables (although I asked for steamed and I think there was some oil used. boo). And I had a great workout this morning…lots of abs!

Some of you asked to see my daily eats, and I have to figure out how I can do that. The plan I’m on is the intellectual property of the trainer I’m working with. But I think I can do things like, “a day in the life” or “packing eats for work” (which is way more involved than it used to be!), things like that. Sound good?

One of my requirements to join this program was to purchase certain supplements. I was worried they were going to give us some scary carb-blocker caffeine-stack thing, but it turns out I was already using the supplements he required, like fish oil and a daily multivitamin. He doesn’t like the generic Costco kinds I use but I’m not about to waste what I already have.

I buy new protein powder, which Mitch and I were using for smoothies (and he still does). I bought a type called J.S. Nitro Nitro XP because that’s what was recommended. It’s NOT cheap, so hopefully it’s awesome. While I was waiting for it to come in the mail, I picked up some Pure Protein Vanilla Whey Powder at Target. I think my new protein powder is going kill the Pure Protein in its sleep. Check it out:


(Sorry the photo is less than…good. I can’t decide if I need a new camera or photography lessons. But how pretty are heirloom tomatoes? They needed some time in the spotlight.)

Doesn’t the XP look so hard-core? I mean, it’s 400% better than other kinds. That’s totally provable right? It says so right here:


That made me laugh. All I care about is that is tastes better than the Pure Protein, which is fine for smoothies, but not so hot on its own, the way I have to have it most of the time.

Do you use protein powder regularly or occasionally? What is your favorite brand? How do you use it? (I need to know since now my house has 8 lbs of it.)



  1. how are you using the protein powder? How much and how often? I am a little wary about using protein powder…

    Good job on just picking at the specks of glaze! Major will power! 😀

  2. hahahaha it does look like the new is going to beat up the old 🙂 Let us know how it is!

  3. I’ve never been into the protein powders, as I know I get plenty of protein in my diet. I hear so many different ways to use the protein though, mainly shakes, but I’m sure it would make a good ice cream and milkshake too!

  4. I use protein powder on occasion, and I am guilty of getting the cheap stuff, as long as it is all natural whey with no artificial sweeteners. I think right now, I am working on BioChem Sports brand and it is just fine!

  5. *raises hand* fellow glaze picker! Same goes with any crumbs left from any treat, cause you know, they don’t count 😛

    Ha, that protein powder is hilarious. The first time I ever bought some, I went into GNC and asked them if they had any cannisters that weren’t twice the size of my head. They totally scoffed at me.

    That being said, I use it all the time now. Mostly in my breakfast cookies and oats. But it’s also good in yogurt and cereal milk.

  6. I don’t use protein powder regularly, but when I do – I love Designer Whey =)

  7. I use protein powder in my smoothies as well, I use a soy protein from WF, it’s pretty good, but I got it mostly because it was cheap.
    And donuts are definitely a splurge item for me too!

  8. I never use protein powder… probably should.
    Man, I hate when my co-workers bring in donuts. It’s my weakness 🙂

  9. Hahaha, I am a donut glaze picker too.

  10. I just started addng protein power to my oatmeal. Delish!!

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