Posted by: Hallie | August 15, 2009

Weigh-In and The Soup Recap

I’m a little late in updating you all with the results from my first bootcamp weigh-in, because I might have taken a nap after coming home from working out on Thursday instead of posting. Whoops.

So, I’ve been doing this program for two solid weeks, turning down things like “bridal shower punch” and “coconut shrimp” and “Thursday Cookie Day” (ok…I had one piece of the shrimp. Couldn’t be rude). I’ve been drinking protein shakes and waking up at 5:15 to work out most weekdays. And the results after two weeks?

Weight: –4.4 lbs
Total inches lost: 15.25
Inches lost at waist (navel): 5 (!!!)

Obviously I’m pretty stoked about these numbers. I know the real test will be how my next weigh-in goes, especially with next week’s vacation, but my goal is to lose an average of one pound a week so being a little ahead is good! They also took pictures of us, wearing the same sports bra and shorts that we wore at the orientations, and I can see my arms and middle are looking more toned.

After trying for MONTHS to lose weight and not seeing the scale budge, it’s really motivating to finally see some results. I’m craving chocolate right now (you know how it goes, ladies) so I’m trying to use this week’s results as motivation to stick with the program and be as diligent with it as I can.

And here’s why I didn’t post this on Thursday (and last night I had to do some friend-duty for one of my besties who’s having a rough time):


That’s Mitch and me with Joel McHale from the E! Channel’s awesome show, The Soup. Going to the taping was really fun and totally worth the drive up to LA (which usually, is avoided at all costs. Sorry, Angelenos!). I am a total celebrity/Hollywood junkie, so getting a “behind-the-scenes” look at how they put the show together was really cool. “Our” episode aired last night, and I couldn’t believe how polished and seamless it looked compared to the taping we saw. AND the cast of Mad Men (which I don’t watch but I hear is really good and I might start) as well as LeVar Burton (hello, Reading Rainbow!) had guest appearances.

After the taping, even though it was late, Joel stayed after to take photos with everyone (of course we all forgot our cameras and had to use an iPhone to get our pics). My friend from college Ann works at E! and hooked us up with the tickets. We got dinner with her beforehand and it was so nice to catch up. Thanks again, Ann!

Today, I’m going to bootcamp at Mission Bay (I skipped my workout yesterday because I had a bit of a stomachache) and then later I’m spending the night at my friend’s house because the condo will be all about boys booze and fantasy football…no place for ladies, let me tell you. Does anyone else’s significant other do the fantasy football thing? It’s so silly 🙂 I think my friend and I are going to see Julie & Julia, for the full anti-testosterone effect.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on testing out my running legs with a 3-miler, then going shopping and doing laundry to get ready for our camping trip/road trip. Usually for us, road trips/vacations/camping = less-than-healthy food, so I am going to do lots of planning and prep work to bring along the healthy foods I can eat on the road. My trainer approve LARABARS as snacks, so I was excited about that (I was worried he was going to tell me to eat one of those nasty chemical-laden protein bars, but he said those are “poison.” Agreed.)

Have a great weekend!



  1. So cool that you met Joe McHale! He’s so funny! I bet it would be need to watch a taping, then see the final product. It’s crazy how they make it look so easy!

    Nick, my bf whom I live with, is in two fantasy (maybe 3) football leagues! One of those leagues is with my father, so lets just say I’ve grown up with the fantasy football crap. In fact, last year Nick couldn’t make it to one of his drafts so he had ME stand in for him!! He gave me a list of players to pick, however I think he still came in last place that year…oops.

    I think a good chick flick is a great way to escape the testosterone festivities!

  2. my husband’s been doing fantasy basketball for years now…

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