Posted by: Hallie | August 19, 2009

Arizona Awaits

Today’s the big day! I just have to get through bootcamp this morning, come home and shower, eat breakfast, throw the rest of my stuff in a bag, and then we hit the road! I’m really happy Mitch’s mom is able to puppy-sit for us while we’re on our Arizona adventures.

Here is our crazy itinerary:

  • Wednesday: Drive from San Diego to the Grand Canyon (South Rim)
  • Thursday—Friday: Camping! We’re planning on doing some SERIOUS hiking.
  • Saturday: Drive to Dee’s house. Dee used to work with us and she and her husband custom-built a eco-friendly house in the mountains in southern AZ.
  • Sunday: Spend the day with Dee and her husband Bob.
  • Monday: Drive from Dee’s house back to San Diego. Cry that I have to go back to the real world so soon.

So, that’s three days of driving and three days non-driving. If I have to spend 1500 miles in a car over 6 days, driving across Arizona is a good place to do it! I love the desert—it’s so pretty.

As far as food goes, I’m determined to stay “on plan” (to quote a Weight Watchers term) and not let this trip derail the progress I’ve made so far in bootcamp. I made a spreadsheet (the old-fashioned way, with a ruler and a piece of paper) listing out all my meals, and then shopped accordingly.

So, what can you bring if you’re going camping and want to eat healthy?

healthy camping

  • Turkey sandwich on sprouted bread (for lunch later today)
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Larabars
  • Oats + flax + stevia + pumpkin pie spice
  • Protein powder
  • Rice cakes and PB
  • Canned salmon
  • Raw almonds
  • Pouch tuna (I’ll have this while hiking)
  • Peach, pluot, tomatoes, bananas
  • Oikos yogurt (we’ll have a cooler packed with ice)
  • (unpictured) chicken breast and turkey burger patties for grilling
  • (unpictured) zucchini and red bell peppers for grilling
  • (unpictured) whole wheat tortillas
  • (unpictured) granola bars, cereal, eggs, OJ, cheese/crackers (all for the boy)

We have a small gas-powered grill to BBQ meats/veggies, and a stovetop that fits one small pan for eggs, oats, and water for my green tea in the mornings. We’re also bringing LOTS of water and Gatorade for the hikes. I’m not sure how we’ll eat when we’re with Dee, but I’ve given her fair warning that I’m a giant pain in the butt trying to be healthy and I’m sure she’ll either cook us healthy choices or point me in the direction of the nearest store—either of which is fine by me!

Now, if I wasn’t on a special diet, you’d see things like ingredients for s’mores, chips and salsa, and probably steak. Oh and a bottle of Jack D for Mitch and some vodka for me and some diet soda for making cocktails. That’s a fun part of camping, the eating and boozin’, but the way I see it, this isn’t the last time I’ll ever camp, and there will be plenty of opportunities for s’mores and fireside drinking in my life. Right?

If I had my act together, I’d have written a post in advance or gotten guest bloggers or something while I’m away, but clearly I’m not that hip. So you’ll just have to miss me! Next week I’ll post some recaps from my trip, as well as the results of (gulp) weigh-in #2.

See you next week…don’t have too much fun without me!



  1. I’m a firm believer in that you can never be TOO prepared when it comes to healthy food! Looks like you got all your bases covered. Most importantly – have fun!!! 😀

  2. Have a blast!

  3. How exciting!! I love fun adventures like the one you are taking. It looks like you are all ready with your healthy snacks/foos, good for you 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your time. Have a blast!

  4. That is one nice haul you got there! I especially love the peach. That sort of just popped out at me in the picture for some odd reason.

  5. Have an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear about the trip, especially about the eco-friendly house! Take notes 😉 See you in a few weeks!

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