Posted by: Hallie | August 28, 2009

Micro-blogging the Grand Canyon

Is anyone else as looking forward to the weekend as I am?

Well, I always look forward to the weekend. Originally I had no plans but now I’m hanging out with a friend on Saturday and going to a little housewarming party on Sunday. Social events like parties kinda stress me out since my diet program forbids alcohol and just about anything tasty, but I’m taking it as an opportunity to focus on the conversation and company, and not the food/drinks.

My trainer asked me the other day how my blog was going and I said, “it’s going well…except I never have time to blog!” To that he said, “try micro-blogging…short posts. No one wants to read a long blog anyway.” Now, when I think of micro-blogging I think of Twitter, but he might be on to something here. I think, for the next couple of months at least, I’m going to try blogging more frequent but shorter posts. What do you think?

And what better “micro-blog” than PHOTOS! Here are some shots of our trip to the Grand Canyon. I didn’t take any food photos (of course!) but imagine Larabars, Greek yogurt, Gatorade, grilled chicken, and a few unsanctioned Oreos snacks after burning nearly 1700 calories on a 5.5-hour hike down the canyon. I mostly stuck to the items I packed, so that was handy.

Grand Canyon







day 27






The canyon is as amazing as you’d think it is. On our “big hike” day we hiked 4.6 miles to the Indian Garden campground…and then 4.6 miles back UP which not exactly easy. I could barely walk the next day, my calves hurt so much.

day 23








But I did it!

Just the Two of Us








Of course, it was great spending some quality time with this fella, before he starts school and football (watching) season and I forget what he looks like.

All in all, it was a lovely trip. Since we are on a very tight budget, this was as inexpensive a vacation as one can have without having a “staycation” (which of course in San Diego, is still a lot of fun). If you’re looking for a cheap way to get away, I highly suggest camping…if you can handle the lack of electricity, getting a little dirty, and sleeping in a tent!

Hmm…this wasn’t such a micro-blog after all (and if the layout looks all wonky, please forgive me. I tried to fix it but gave up). Maybe next time…



  1. Oh I love that picture! I’m glad you had fun on your trip.
    Also, good for you for taking the opporunity to meet with friends and be more social, rather than focusing on the food. That’s a great idea, and people should do it more often.

  2. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon! I would love to take a trip there. I suppose I thought it would be expensive to stay in hotel rooms on the way.

  3. Aww, those pics are so cute!!

    I’ve actually started blogging throughout the day. Whenever I get a few spare moments, I’ll throw some food photos into Live Writer with some ramblings. Then it only takes me about 15 minutes to do my final post at the end of the day.

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