Posted by: Hallie | September 2, 2009

This Girl Can Grill

I did something MONUMENTAL the other day.

Something that I’ve never done before.

And now, I feel like an empowered female. Hear me roar and all that.

What did I do, you wonder? I ventured onto our balcony and had a date with this guy:


Our really dirty grill! This is a big deal for me because I absolutely love grilled foods (especially vegetables, chicken, and fish…and Mitch’s mom’s amazing ribs) but I didn’t know how to turn on the grill. If I wanted something grilled, I had to get Mitch to do it…and as nice as it is not having to cook, sometimes he’s not around. So he showed me how to turn on the propane (it’s really not too scary!) and threw on one chicken breast and one zucchini.

grill side one

(Or is it yellow squash! I just love the crazy stuff I get from my CSA!)

All I did was sprinkle on some salt-free seasoning from Trader Joe’s (it’s called 21-Seasoning Salute and it is amazing on chicken and veggies). I grilled the first side for about 4-5 minutes and then flipped.


Look at those pretty grill marks! I was so proud of myself. The squa-cchini would have probably been prettier had I drizzled olive oil in it first, but I didn’t and it still tasted great.


I ended up cooking the chicken for a minute in the microwave for a minute because I was worried that I took it off the grill too soon. I’ll have to practice my grill-master technique a little better.

But all in all, it was a success and now I can have a yummy grilled meal without having some stupid boy around (I kid, I kid). I really want to experiment more and try my hand at grilling:

  • Tofu
  • Fish (especially salmon)
  • Veggie burgers (homemade, perhaps?)
  • Fruit! Especially peaches and pineapples (I think first the grill might need a deep-cleaning or the fruit will taste like charred meat)

Want to learn more about grilling? Check out:
Bobby Flay’s 10 Great Grill Tips
Food Network’s Ultimate Grilling Guide
BBQ and Grilling FAQ on

So, who is the grill master in your life? Dad, Mom, boyfriend/husband, BFF, or is it YOU?

Programming note: I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do until next week. Two of my college friends are coming from the East Coast tomorrow to visit. I’m so excited to play host in my own town, and see “my sisters”! I never do touristy things so it’ll be a blast. But please STAY TUNED for some exciting things to come in the land of Healthy Twists…including a milestone or two that might be celebrated with a kick-ass giveaway!

Also, keep those folks in LA in your thoughts and prayers…wildfires are no joke around here and my heart goes out to everyone (people and pets) affected by what’s happening over there.



  1. WOOHOO!!! Gotta love grilling!

  2. Oh I’ll have to try that TJ spice, as I’m always looking for some good spices to add to chicken. I don’t ever grill, but I’d love to learn. My father is the “grill master” of the family, Nick and I don’t have a grill but when we get one I would LOVE to learn the tricks of the trade!

  3. I hear your squa-cini! That’s awesome!

    Jodus usually does the grilling but I’ve managed on my own before as well.

    Grilling tofu? That ought to be interesting… let me know how that goes!

  4. My future mother-in-law plopped me in front of the grill on the 4th of July and had me feed all the guests…and I’d never even touched the thing before!

    I discovered that day that chicken is a real pain. You can tell the beef is done when the juices appear on top, but the chicken can be on the darned thing for ten minutes and still have pink insides.

  5. I want to learn how to grill too! Well, I don’t have a barbecue, but my boyfriend does at his place. He’s the master griller, he even does the grilling for his parents. I’ve never had grilled fruit before, but it always sounds so amazing!!

  6. heheh I am the veggie grill master and my bf is the meat grill master! I absolutely love grilled zucchini…i thinks the yellow squash/zuccini is…a zucchini. heheheh

    I just read your weight loss story and really want to get that book your mom got you!

  7. LOVE grills! I just grilled some peaches and had it over pasta with blue cheese and summer veggies…craaaazy good!

    No grill masters in my life…none of my family grills. I, however, have a healthy relationship with my George Foreman 🙂

  8. grilled tofu is the BEST! esp tofu skewers – I use the marinade from gliding calm – its seriously orgazmic

  9. Good for you!!! I’ve seen those little squashes at my farmers market. I think squa-cchini is an awesome name! 🙂

  10. My husband is the griller in our family, but I really need to get to it. I know there are so many wonderful things I could grill besides just meat!

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