Posted by: Hallie | September 8, 2009

Post-staycation Update: I’m Legit!

Hey everyone, I’m back from 4 days of fun in the sun with my college girlfriends. I did more touristy things around town then I’ve done in…I don’t know how long! When they put their photos on Facebook, I’ll be sure to steal the good ones and share them with you all. I’ll be honest, it was HARD to stay on track with my meal plan but I did the best I could, and I’ll learn on Thursday’s weigh-in if the margaritas I had Saturday night will come back to haunt me (more then they did Sunday morning, hehe).

I wanted to check in and say HI and let you know that I’m making the leap into legitimacy.

Check out my new site:

Please update your blog readers and blogrolls (if I’m on there, of course!). Check the new site in the next few days for an awesome GIVEAWAY to celebrate my 100th post and the birth of the new site.

(Note: I’m still learning the new tricks so it might take awhile until the new blog is totally purdy. Any hints would be appreciated! Contact me at healthytwists at or on Twitter @hallieaviva if you have any suggestions/tips for me!)


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