Recipes and Cooking Philosophy

I don’t consider myself an expert cook by any means. Most of my recipes are found online or in cookbooks, and then updated to reflect my tastes and desire for healthy food. I usually cut the fat and sugar used in recipes, and I try to use whole-grain products when possible. I’m also a big fan of leftovers, so even though I’m usually cooking for one or two, I generally make enough food for three or four (sometimes more!)

I enjoy cooking and learning about different cooking techniques, regional and international cooking styles, and especially taking “unhealthy” recipes and updating them to increase the health factor without decreasing taste. Since I’m still somewhat of a new cook, most of my recipes are fairly easy, although I may throw a more complicated one in there just for fun. If I can do it, so can you! The most important thing is to get in the kitchen, experiment, and find out what works for you and those who are eating your food. (And always keep a frozen pizza on hand for the occasional flop!)

With that being said, please take a look my recipes and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned! This is a work in progress. Pardon my dust!

Healthy Twists
(Recipes that have been altered to increase the nutritional value, lower fat/calories, etc)

Barbecue (Bacon) Meatloaf
Barbecue Sauce (homemade, no HFCS here!)
Other Recipes
(still pretty healthy, most of them anyways!)



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