Seasonal Selections

seasonal selections

The perfectly sweet, fragrant strawberries come around in the summer. The firmest and most crisp apples, the fall. Since most grocery stores bring in their produce from all over the world, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s in season. Often, you can tell by the appearance and price of the selection in your store, but not always.

In Seasonal Selections, I spotlight some the locally grown produce from my CSA and Farmer’s Markets. I hope to inspire people to try new fruits/vegetables, and to seek out produce that’s as locally grown as possible. Keep in mind I live in southern California, so the food that’s in season for me might be more difficult to find, and vice versa.

Radish (March 28)

Bok Choy (April 4)

Asparagus (April 13)

Swiss Chard (April 29)

Cantaloupe (June 6)



  1. You know I love this! 😉 So awesome. Food in season, and grown near you, tastes so much better. The fresher it is, the more nutrients you get, so it’s good for your body AND the environment. Yay, I’m excited about this feature!

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